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John Fletcher


My background in sport and studies in sports science allow me to bring to my patients a deep understanding of health and body mechanics.

John has been practicing for give years and graduated in sports science before qualifying as an osteopath. He is also a long-distance runner and running coach, and has a particular interest in the mechanics of running and running-related health.

Education and Career

John studied sports science at the University of Exeter, specialising in sports performance and injury recovery. He spent a year working as an assistant coach at Exeter FC before moving to London to study for a master's degree in osteopathy. When not practicing in the clinic, John also works as a private running coach.

Sports Achievements

John has run for the London Harriers for several years and regularly runs marathons and half-marathons. He was also on the University of Exeter running team. His greatest achievements are running the marathon in 2h44m and coming fifth in the Exeter half marathon. John has a particular interest in injury prevention for runners and has done extensive research in the area, generating a high demand for his coaching services.

Treatments Offered

Despite his specialism in sports injuries and running, John is an all-round osteopath who can help with any aches and pains or injuries, spinal health and other musculoskeletal issues. If you have injuries from sports or from running, John's experience will be particularly useful to you.

John is also very interested in posture and in functional fitness. He believes that many of the complaints his patients have stem from factors such as poor posture, an unergonomic workstation, the wrong shoes and similar factors, and by addressing these underlying causes many problems can be avoided in the future.