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Carpal Tunnel and RSI

RSI and Carpal Tunnel are injuries caused by continual repetitive motions such as typing and using a mouse. They take time to heal but with the right treatment and learning to avoid the causes, you can get back to normal.

Treatments for RSI and Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries can be painful and take time to heal. Your osteopath will carry out a thorough examination and history to understand exactly what is causing the pain and the underlying problem. This is particularly important in RSI cases as pain is often 'referred'; pain in the fingers, for example, might ultimately be caused by a problem in the neck, or vice versa.

Treatment involves relaxing and loosening the muscles which have tightened and are causing the pain and lack of range of motion. This is normally over a course of treatment including osteopathy, massage and dry needling. Many people also find cardiovascular exercise, electric massagers and weight training to be very helpful in recovery.

Lifestyle Factors

Repetitive strain injuries are almost exclusively caused by poor technique or overuse when typing or working. Some adaptations will definitely be required while healing e.g. you may have to use the mouse with your 'wrong' hand or avoid typing with one hand for a while. Your osteopath will also help you examine your posture and work setup to avoid the problem recurring in future.

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RSI and Carpal Tunnel are tricky injuries that take time to heal and normally require some adaptations to your work setup or daily life.

At your relaxed initial appointment we will diagnose and treat your problem, and explain what further treatment may be required.

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