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Postural Alignment

A good posture allows the whole body to work more efficiently and to avoid other pains and injury. Many people regularly visit an osteopath to keep their posture correctly aligned and their spine healthy.

Treatments to Improve Your Posture

Although osteopathy is used to treat a range of ailments, it is primarily concerned with the alignment of the spine and manipulating the vertebrae and surrounding muscles to allow normal spinal alignment.

Our modern lives rarely encourage good posture, so many people visit an osteopath for a monthly spinal health "tune up", allowing them to stand straighter and taller, avoid back and neck pain, feel more energetic and help stay in general good health.

Keeping Your Spine Healthy

There is much you can do to ensure your posture remains healthy, and your osteopath will help suggest ways of adapting your daily life so you get the most benefits of postural alignment, becoming a taller, straighter and healthier you.

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A better posture and improved postural awareness can help with all aspects of fitness and a healthy life.

At your relaxed initial appointment we will diagnose and treat your problem, and explain what further treatment may be required.

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