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Sports Injuries

Injuries are an occupational hazard when playing many sports and bring with them the frustration of not being able to train and compete. Our modern treatments aim to get you playing again as soon as possible.

Rapid diagnosis and treatment

Whatever your injury, whatever your sport, we are experienced in the most effective treatments to get you back to full health. Injuries can be worrying and frustrating as you try to balance rest with rehabilitation and don't know how long you might be out of action for, but with Grove Osteopathy you can rest assured that you will be back to full fitness as soon as is possible. As sportspeople ourselves, we understand you want to get playing again without any delay, and give you not only the treatment you need but explain what you can do yourself to get yourself back to your best.

Peak Performance

Our osteopaths are able to offer various additional skills to keep you at your best and injury-free in future. John is an experienced running and sporting coach, while Esin has experience not just as an osteopath and yoga teacher but in creating nutritional and diet plans for professional sportspeople.

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Whether you're new to sport or a seasoned pro, our sports injury treatment can get you fighting fit again in the minimum time, whatever your sport.

At your relaxed initial appointment we will diagnose and treat your problem, and explain what further treatment may be required.

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